What’s Next?

Speak Out — Call Governor Parson TODAY at 573-751-3222.

If you get a busy signal or message that the Governor’s voice mail is full please email by using https://governor.mo.gov/contact-us .

Ask Governor Parsons to VETO SB 600. After you ask for his VETO of SB 600, please let his office know your wishes in regards to plans for a #MOLeg Special Session this summer.  If Governor Parson’s calls a special session of #MOLeg, at this time,  it should be centered only on Criminal Justice Reform for MO.

See bellow a statement from the Legislative Black Caucus for MO. 

Example 1.

My name is ____ and I would like you to veto SB 600.

The bill will cost Missouri taxpayers $500 million dollars for two prisons that we do not need. You promised in the State of the State speech in 2019 that you would close prisons and that you would not build new ones. Now it is time to show Missouri that you are true to your word. We want our state to pay for public schools – not prisons. You must veto SB 600.

Example 2

My name is ___ and I live ____. I want you to veto SB 600.

You have cut $130 million dollars from the education budget. The SB 600 bill would ultimately cost taxpayers $500 million to pay for building new prisons. The bill would also make it easier to place nonviolent drug offenders in prison for longer sentences. This hurts communities and will cost taxpayers even more money. Please prioritize schools over prisons. Veto SB 600.

Example 3…

My name is _______ and I want you to veto SB 600. This bill would force Missouri taxpayers to spend $500 million dollars on new prisons, and make it easier for nonviolent drug offenders to get longer sentences. It is clear from decades of failed policy that imprisoning drug users does not make our streets safer, and it does not solve people’s addictions. And we have already had to cut $130 million dollars from our education budget. We cannot afford money to go to prisons.

Governor Parson, how can you ask Missourians to pay money we do not have, for crime policies that do not work, and for prisons that we do not need? It is an absurd request that Missourians are too smart for.

You have to veto SB 600. It is the only thing that makes sense.

Make sure to follow your request for Governor Parson to VETO SB 600 with a strong voter statement to the Governor’s office about a potential special session. If he calls a special session of #MOLeg this summer the topic needs to be criminal justice reform.


Please Call Today!

Effective Wed. 3/18/20

COVID-19 Guidance from the CDC currently (3/18/20) recommends cancelling all large gatherings. Democrats will rely on science to try to help #FlattenTheCurve in this health crisis.  ALL PUBLIC MEETINGS of SWMO Democrats are cancelled until further notice.

Per SWMO Dems Board decision and MDP Suggested Guidelines… Effective at 3 PM Wed. 3/18/20 our office will be closed to Volunteers and our Staff will be set to work from home procedures for the duration of the COVID-19 situation.  

If you wish to make Voter ID Calls from home call Krista at 417-347-8443 to have further Voter ID Lists emailed. We thank all members of #TeamBlue for your work and flexibility during this time.

March SWMO Dems Town Hall and All Large in Person Meetings of Southwest Missouri Democrats CANCELLED until further notice.

Democrats trust science and in line with this ideal, given the developments in our state and nation surrounding the COVID-19 situation, Southwest Missouri Democrats is following the CDC’s recommendations on social distancing.  We will update as to when we can resume normal #SWMODems activities as details are available. 

From the Center for Disease Control… https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/index.html

Americans should be prepared for the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in their community. The community can take measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Currently a vaccine or drug is not available for COVID-19. Community-based interventions such as school dismissals, event cancellations, social distancing, and creating employee plans to work remotely can help slow the spread of COVID-19.  Individuals can practice everyday prevention measures like frequent hand washing, staying home when sick, and covering coughs and sneezes.

Decisions about the implementation of community measures will be made by local and state officials, in consultation with federal officials as appropriate, and based on the scope of the outbreak and the severity of illness.  Implementation will require extensive community engagement, with ongoing and transparent public health communications.

We will NOT hold a March Town Hall on Wed. March 18th and will let you know about April’s third Wed. meeting as the situation develops. 





Krista Stark

Executive Director

Southwest Missouri Democrats


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The Missouri Democratic State Committee Members held an emergency meeting this afternoon to pass updates to our delegate selection plan (Contingency COVID-19 Plans).

1. April 6th County Mass Meetings have been cancelled. Delegates will be selected at the Congressional District Conventions, which are now postponed to May 30th. For information and any further changes or updates visit www.missouridemocrats.org/2020 the MO Democratic Party will be issuing guidance and new rules. Those who wish to be MO Delegates are encourage your community to attend the May 30th Mass Meetings. Dates and locations T B Announced.

2. Public calls will go out via social media amd local news sources on the location for our 7th Congressional Convention at least 30 days prior to the May 30th date.

3. The State Convention date is TBD right now, but MDP will issue updates on this soon and #SWMODems will share out info. The State Convention will be in a mid-Missouri location and details on date and location will be announced ASAP.

Democrats believe in science and we are making every effort to follow the CDC’s recomendation for social distancing. All Southwest Missouri Democrats “in person large meetings” are also cancelled until further notice.

We hope all members of #TeamBlue will stay healthy through this COVID-19 situation, but want to take proper scientific precautions. We urge you to look up the CDC recommendations for #FlatteningTheCurve of this virus. It’s important that we come through this time… ready to do Democratic election work and work toward positive change for our democracy in MO and our Nation.


Congratulations to our “Wind’s of Change” Trivia Winners Team #BlueWave on snagging the #SWMODems Traveling Trophy at our Feb. Trivia competition 2/23/20.

Team #BlueWave wins the Feb. 2020 Trivia Competition bringing the traveling trophy back for their team for a third win.


Family Values #VoteBlueForOurFuture

Congrats to SWMO Democrats 2019 Miss and Mr. Cutie Pie! Introducing: Holland LeeAnn and Mykah Lee. Our 2020 Cutie Pies will be crowned at our June Pie Auction event. 

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Additional thanks to our 2018 Miss Cutie Pie, Paisley Rose for fundraising again this year, we are happy to have her as part of our Cutie Pie Court for a second year.




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