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Upcoming SWMO Dems Events

Don’t miss an upcoming SWMO MARCH, in Joplin on April 14th from 1 PM to 3PM.

What: March for Science
When: Saturday, April 14, 2018
Where: We will line up at 7th and Main St. in Joplin (public parking is available at 5th and Virginia 2 blocks away from line up). We will MARCH from 7th and Main St. following a route on the sidewalk north on Main St. (obeying signals at the crossings) then around the block where Spiva Park is located, then marching into the park. Booths with science activities and demonstrations will be set up in Spiva Park. Science booths, demonstrations, and voter registration will be set up in Spiva Park at the end of the March rout.

Why: In 2017, more than one million people around the world gathered to defend science for the common good and its role in policy and society. Since then, science has continued to face increasing threats at the federal, state, and local levels.

But science will not be silenced – and it’s time to unite again. This year, let’s come together to send a message: we will hold our elected and appointed officials responsible for enacting equitable, evidence-based policies that serve all communities.

Let’s use our collective voices to send a powerful message to policymakers and those running for office in 2018 – over the phone, at town halls and community meetings, and at the ballot box. We march for many reasons, but unite to defend science — because science belongs to us all.



Principles of “Justice For All” On Our Hearts and Minds

Today the residents of St. Louis and the principles of justice for all are on our hearts and minds. We urge Missourians to safely observe our 1st Amendment rights and if participating in civil disobedience, to commit to de-escalation and to non-violent tactics.Martin Luther King, Jr. states that there are four basic steps in a nonviolent campaign: collection of the facts to determine whether injustices exist, negotiation, self-purification, and direct action. We must remember that the purpose of nonviolent direct action is to create tension and crisis so that an issue such as black lives matter must be confronted. This type of action forces the issue to the forefront so that it can no longer be ignored.King further said that not a single stride towards civil rights has been made without “determined legal and nonviolent pressure.” History has proven that individuals who are members of privileged groups in society rarely give up their privileges voluntarily.

“Good timing” is not an issue when it comes to nonviolent protests. Neither is a “wait and see” attitude.  Southwest Missouri Democrats joins our Missouri Democratic Party in full commitment to building communities that recognize that black lives matter.