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During the COVID crisis our Executive Director Krista Stark can be reached on her direct cell number 417-437-8443. Our offices are inside the Laborers Hall in Joplin and are currently closed to the public. #SWMODems staff and volunteers are working from home and Krista can be reached about general Democratic questions and for information about how to volunteer in a COVID-safe manner for Southwest Missouri Democrats,  on her direct line.

Speak Out — Contact Local County Commissioners and City Councilpersons about the need for County-wide and City-wide Face-Mask Ordinances.

The Joplin City Council passed a citywide mask ordinance at their meeting last night. The ordinance will be in effect until Feb. 28, 2021.

This ordinance passed by a vote of 6 to 3.

Our SWMO area would have much more protection from COVID if other cities in our area and our Counties would also pass a Face-Mask ordinance. Please email or call your County Commissioners and the council members in the city where you live to encourage them to provide science based leadership on Face-Masks while we all seek to LIVE though this COVID19 Pandemic.

Jasper County Commissioners:

Presiding commissioner- John Bartosh, jbartosh@jaspercountymo.gov; 417-437-6474
Eastern District Commissioner – Tom Flanigan, tflanigan@jaspercountymo.gov (no phone number listed on the website)
Western District Commissioner – Darieus Adams, dadams@jaspercountymo.gov (no phone number listed on the website)

Newton County Commissioners:

Bill Reiboldt, Presiding Commissioner
Alan Cook, District 1 Commissioner
Jim Jackson, District 2 Commissioner

The website does not list email addresses for the individual Newton County commissioners The Commissioner’s Office phone number is 417-451-8223. The email for the Newton County Commission Office is commission@newtoncounty.gov.

If you are a Neosho resident we urge you to email the Neosho Council members and ask them to begin a discussion about citywide mask requirements.

Carmin Allen

Angela Thomas
Mayor Pro Tem

William J.P. Doubek

Tom Workman

Tyler DeWitt

If you are a Carthage resident we urge you to email or call Carthage Council members and ask them to continue a discussion about citywide mask requirements and pass a mass ordinance. 

Carthage City Council has taken votes on a Face-Mask ordinance at recent meetings. The first vote was tied and the Mayor choose to break the tie in favor of not requiring masks to be worn. We hope they will revisit this issue and try again to pass an ordinance, now that Joplin has renewed their ordinance.  Councilpersons Otero, Armstrong, Daugherty, Thompson, and Topete voted in favor of the mask ordinance. Voting No in the previous vote were Councilpersons Barlow, Diggs, Harrison, Snow, and West. Please email and encourage all members and encourage them to revisit and VOTE YES on a mask ordinance. If you live in Carthage please also call your Mayor to ask him to reconsider. Then call the Councilpersons who we listed phone numbers for and make a respectful and persuasive argument. If we listed their number they are though to be persuadable on this issue.

Council Member Raymond West-2nd Ward


We hope the following cities will bring a mask ordinance up for a vote, Please encourage them to protect their communities the way the city of Joplin has chosen to do.

Webb City Send emails to the City Clerk and City Administrator asking for the City to discuss a mask ordinance. If you live in Webb City please also email your Councilpersons.

Carl Francis, City Administrator



Kim DeMoss, City Clerk417-673-4651


  • Ray Edwards, Ward 1
  • webbcitycouncil8@gmail.com
  • 417-673-4651
  • Mayor Lynn Ragsdale
  • lynnragsdale@gmail.com
  • 417-673-4651
  • Joshua Hensley, Ward 1
  • jlh_engineer@att.net
  • Jonathan Shull, Ward 3
  • shulljs@gmail.com
  • Jim Dawson, Ward 4
  • jim@dawsonheritage.com
  • Jerry Fisher, Ward 3
  • jerry_fisher3668@att.net
  • Gina Monson, Ward 2
  • gmonson@cableone.net
  • Debbie Darby, Ward 4
  • debbied66@hotmail.com
  • Alisa Barroeta, Ward 2
  • barroeta_alisa@yahoo.com

Carl Junction 

Ask the City of Carl Junction to consider and pass a mask ordinance.
To email Carl Junction Alderpersons visit the city website at https://carljunction.org/city-administration/
and click on the specific email link under each Alderperson’s picture.City Clerk

Maribeth Matney
Email Maribeth

Mark Powers
Email Mark

City Administrator 

Steve Lawver
Email Steve

Chief of Police

Court Clerk
Alaina Wright
Email Alaina

Board of Alderpersons

Don Marshall – Ward I
Email Don

Mark Satterlee – Ward I
Email Mark

Mike Burns – Ward II
Email Mike

Rick Flinn – Ward II
Email Rick

Randy Hutcheson – Ward III
Email Randy 

Richard Zaccardelli – Ward III
Email Richard

Roger Spencer – Ward IV
Email Roger

LaDonna Allen- Ward IV
Email LaDonna

City of Mt. Vernon

Ask the Alderpersons in Mt. Vernon to consider and pass a mask ordinance.

Mayor Jason Haymes

Email the Alderpersons at:

Earlier in the year Southwest Missouri Democrats Bridging Generations Committee made and sent patriotic Face-masks
to our 8 area MOLeg Republican House Reps, State Senator Bill White, and our 6 area County Clerks. This project was a gesture of good will and faith that we can ask them to work with us across the aisle to protect our community members from a deadly virus.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to your elected County Commissioners and  local non partisan officials about the need for folks to wear face-masks in public.
Our (R) Governor has not passed a statewide mask mandate so we much petition our local Non partisan City Officials to make the right decisions on masks in the interests of public health for our SWMO communities. 

Your Vote Counts
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Effective Wed. 3/18/20

COVID-19 Guidance from the CDC currently (3/18/20) recommends cancelling all large gatherings. Democrats will rely on science to try to help #FlattenTheCurve in this health crisis.  ALL PUBLIC MEETINGS of SWMO Democrats are cancelled until further notice.

Per SWMO Dems Board decision and MDP Suggested Guidelines… Effective at 3 PM Wed. 3/18/20 our office will be closed to Volunteers and our Staff will be set to work from home procedures for the duration of the COVID-19 situation.  

If you wish to make Voter ID Calls from home call Krista at 417-347-8443 to have further Voter ID Lists emailed. We thank all members of #TeamBlue for your work and flexibility during this time.

All Large in Person Meetings of Southwest Missouri Democrats CANCELLED until further notice.

Democrats trust science and in line with this ideal, given the developments in our state and nation surrounding the COVID-19 situation, Southwest Missouri Democrats is following the CDC’s recommendations on social distancing.  We will update as to when we can resume normal #SWMODems activities as details are available. 

From the Center for Disease Control… https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/index.html

Americans should be prepared for the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in their community. The community can take measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Currently a vaccine or drug is not available for COVID-19. Community-based interventions such as school dismissals, event cancellations, social distancing, and creating employee plans to work remotely can help slow the spread of COVID-19.Individuals can practice everyday prevention measures like frequent hand washing, staying home when sick, and covering coughs and sneezes.

Decisions about the implementation of community measures will be made by local and state officials, in consultation with federal officials as appropriate, and based on the scope of the outbreak and the severity of illness.  Implementation will require extensive community engagement, with ongoing and transparent public health communications.

Congratulations to our “Wind’s of Change” Trivia Winners Team #BlueWave on snagging the #SWMODems Traveling Trophy at our Feb. Trivia competition 2/23/20.

Team #BlueWave wins the Feb. 2020 Trivia Competition bringing the traveling trophy back for their team for a third win.

Family Values #VoteBlueForOurFuture

Congrats to SWMO Democrats 2019 Miss and Mr. Cutie Pie! Introducing: Holland LeeAnn and Mykah Lee. Our 2020 Cutie Pies will be crowned at our June Pie Auction event. 

IMG_5515 (1)  56800823_10100682652232328_8341583017256419328_o (2)

65307369_326027488341444_895684535881039872_n             65038523_635731853573359_8918449678329053184_n

Additional thanks to our 2018 Miss Cutie Pie, Paisley Rose for fundraising again this year, we are happy to have her as part of our Cutie Pie Court for a second year.



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