Representing Barry, Dade, Jasper, Newton, McDonald, and Lawrence Counties.

“The American dream belongs to us” – Kamala Harris

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  • Are the dirty ages once again upon us?

    Are the dirty ages once again upon us? As much as we sometimes bristle about rules imposed by the federal government, we need only remember the huge chat piles that once dominated parts of the landscape in Jasper County to know why we need regulations. Mine owners simply took the guts out of the earth…

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  • Stay Strong for working people. (Prevailing Wage)

    Stay Strong for working people. (Prevailing Wage)

    Krista Stark: Stay strong for working people  -Published in the Joplin Globe on 4/16/17 When you drive across a bridge, send your child to a public school or enter a public building, you have faith that the structures won’t collapse. You want to know that skilled, well-trained workers have constructed them. Thanks to Missouri’s prevailing…

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  • ACA is here to stay; Missouri get used to it

    ACA here to stay; Missouri get used to it Published in the Joplin Globe April 16, 2016 As has been made clear, events did not work out well for the GOP, and the Affordable Care Act is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. For all its faults (even Democrats acknowledge the ACA…

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